Saturday, January 14, 2017

Xavier Lopez Art Project #9: Ghost Story #3 (Silent Version).

This was the first of the "Sheet Ghosts" 

One of the most amazing and wonderful parts of making art is figuring out how exactly to take your ideas and make them reality.  When I started this I had only a basic idea of what it should look like and no real idea of how to get it to work.  The ghost itself was meant to be hollow and I had no idea if that was going to work.  

At first, I was constantly spraying the ghost with start and that is why there is a fan here.

Nowadays, after doing many of these, I don't even bother with starch.

I like how the figure was so evocative evocative of images of religion, evocative of the work of Robert Gober, evocative of cartoons and Victorian imagery of ghosts.   

And of course, evocative of the ghosts of my childhood,
 Casper, Gus and especially Robert Bright's Georgie. 

Robert Bright's series of books were a constant companion for me as I grew up.

"Georgie the Ghost" and "Georgie and the Robbers" were definitely favorites, 

Though these ghosts look more like Gus and nothing like Casper "the friendly ghost"

When we were kids we used to imagine that these three ghosts were our friends.

When we were teens, however, we might have had actual poltergeists.

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