Sunday, November 21, 2010

Upcoming Shows and stuff!!! As of 11/21/10! Plus, Playing Catch Up!!!

New painting started at the "Live Painting" event at Rainier Brewery!

Vex Magazine is still on the shelves and you can find copies at the Twilight Collective, the Metro, Roq LaRue, Sonic Boom records, Shorty's and several Art galleries and stuff!

Tonight 11/21/10, a bunch of us will be "Live Painting" at the High Dive starting at 8:00!
513 North 36th St # G
Seattle, WA 98103-8693
(206) 632-0212

I am very proud to continue to have artwork the Twilight Artist Collective, including a "Muse" doll, magnets and soon T-shirts and prints!

Solo show Opening December 2nd at Columbia City Theatre! This one will also include a video interview and will take my work to people who may not have seen it!

I will also be a part of Art Farm 7 on December on December 11th! At 6706 Phinney Ave N with lots of amazingly cool artists!

And Coming Soon! Two Books of my artwork! Here's the cover to one of them! Tags, Trees, Caves and the Deep End, which is a mixture of my work on canvas and my work on the walls of the city!

And updated image of "A Pleasing Shape" after it was completed for the Halloween Show at X-17! I'm in the process of rephotographing images that I have continued to paint on.

And last but not least, a preview of a new piece in progress. Scary creatures in the caverns!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Into the Deep End going out of circulation for five years!

"Into the Deep End" will only be available for private viewing, and elswhere in giclee and reproduction forms only. Might be shown a few times during this time, but for all intents and purposes it will not be available for five years.

This does not mean you won't be seeing this image around (in whole, or in part,) in fact several campaigns have just begun that will ensure that you will be seeing the Muse everywhere --keep your eyes open and be wary of strangers (first campaign) for lots of plans in the near future and coming year!