Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A few articles and things including pamphlets from Seattle Art Museum, an old one from the New York Times, and the latest one from Section 8 Magazine. Coming soon, Studio Visit Magazine!

New York Times Article: Connecticut Art Show curated by Squeak Carnwath

(That's my sculpture at the top of the article.)

Cover to Section 8 Magazine Summer 2015 #29
(That's me on the cover)


Icon. 2014
(Painted for event at Seattle Art Museum)

My work was also recently chosen to represent the Seattle Art Museum's 
Teen Scene and Artlab in 2015 media releases.

Seattle Teen Scene pamphlet

SAM teens ART LAB Poster
(pick one of these up while supplies last!)

New Mural at Marvista Park! Updated with link to my interview with the folks at the Normandy Park Blog!