Saturday, January 14, 2017

Xavier Lopez Art Project #5: How to Explain the Universe to a Dead Hare

How to Explain the Universe to a Dead Hare.

Setting up the install at the Greenwood Collective.
 Echo Echo Gallery.

Giant inflatable Cadbury Easter Bunny--
Stands in for the Dead Hare.

Like the ghosts that would come after, 
the Bunny was placed atop a wooden pallet.

Held in place by strings--this was soon to evolve
into full on stringage with the ghosts and other pieces. 

Straight on--the audio track is Scientist Stephen Hawking
discussing the shape and substance of the universe!

In front of another sculpture of mine.

My signature.

Map of the Heavens. Circa 1967.

Audio track on valise.

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